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The 2023 Check In Week 47

Here’s what I recently read, cooked, watched, bought and playing with this week.

currently reading+ Holly by Stephen King. It’s really good so far and I’m glad to see more of the character Holly Gibney from his Bill Hodges trilogy.

cooked+ Thanksgiving dinner aka “friendsgiving” for 10 people. No turkey in sight, but there was ham, rib roast & Cornish hens, plus all the traditional sides – mac n cheese, greens, Patti Labelle Sweet Potato Pie.

watched+ Silo series on AppleTV. I have been meaning to read Wool by Hugh Howey (the book on which the series is based) but just never got around to it. This tv adaptation was really good but ughhh it ends on a cliff hanger and we have to wait on season 2! … or read the rest of the books in the series.

bought+ This beast of a portable charger … because it can also wirelessly charge my phone. I’m trying to cut down on all the cords I need to travel with for work.

playing+ I just added Connections to my daily word games. So now we’ve got that plus Waffle, Wordle and Quordle.

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