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The 2024 Check In Week 5

I spent most of this week in Texas again for a conference. Here’s what I harvested from the garden (before I left), read, watched, where I ran and what I wrote about this week.

garden harvest+ My little Meyer Lemon tree bore 2 lemons which I picked this week. So excited … never really had anything but flowers before. Here’s hoping for many more next year.

read+ I finished reading The September House, Clarissa Orlando and Bookshops & Bonedust, Travis Baldree, over the last 2 weeks. Loved them both. I have a feeling this is the year I read more horror novels that anything else.

watched+ Finished watching Reacher Season 2 (Prime Video) … it was just OK. I preferred the 1st season.

ran+ Last Saturday, I ran a 10 Mile beach race … all on sand! It was SO HARD. That put me at 4 races for January (I want to do 24 for 24x24x2024).

wrote+ 5 Things I Use Daily [The Mid-Winter 2024 Edition] sharing a few things that I’ve been using or doing this Winter season.

This weekend and next week, I’m looking forward to being home, hanging with the hubby and doing next to nothing. Can you relate?!. Cheers.

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