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24×24 in 2024

I already made a list of 24 Things I Want to Do in 2024 List, but I’m also making this other list of 24 things I want to do 24 times in 2024 (which I first saw at JashiiCorrin (Youtube)).


Media /3

Books. Read 24 books.

TV Shows. Watch 24 seasons of tv shows.

Movies. Watch 24 movies.

Home /3

New Recipes. Try 24 new recipes. I tend to make the same things all the time.

Home & Garden updates. We’ve been in our house for a little over 1 year, and there’s many things I can do to make it feel more homey and to update.

Hang out in the pool. We have a pool, and I would love to use it more often. Part of taking the time out to enjoy life and not work all the time.

Health & Wellness /7

Run outside. Not just on the treadmill.

Run 24×24 miles for the year. Goal mileage for the year.

Ride 24x100KM for the year. Goal miles ridden for the year.

Races. I love the atmosphere of being out on the weekends at races with other runners and athletes.

Workout classes. Trying something new this year to do more yoga, pilates, or strength training sessions.

Group runs or rides. Solo is OK but I’d love to make friends with others in my running community.

Lose 24lbs. I let my weight get higher than ideal.

Self-Care & Improvement /6

New outfits. Toss some stuff that doesn’t fit right and get more that does.

Pamper myself. Hair, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages. Do it girl!

Learn new concepts. Exercise my brain more.

Challenges or Lists. To help with starting and maintaining new habits and discovering new favorites.

Keep a list favorite things.

Pack before trips. A good habit is to pack the night before. It’s just too hectic to always do it last minute.

Work & Finances /3

Pay an extra $100 on mortgage principal. 24x for the year would be an extra $2400.

Increase joint savings by $$$.

Recurring meetings with work connections. i.e. mentors, sponsors, stakeholders in my new role.

Go Out /2

New places. Venture out and explore.

Be Social. I’m an introvert, but as we’re in a new place, I would love to be a part of the community more which means meeting new people and establishing new bonds.

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