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The 2024 Check In Week 1

The first week of the year is almost in the books! Here’s where I was, what I read, watched, gifted (and received) and wrote about this week.

travels+ I surprised my husband with a year end trip to Mexico. We started in Cancun and then went to Playa del Carmen, which is where we rang in he New Year. It was such an awesome experience!

read+ The first book I finished for the year is Silence for the Dead, Simone St. James. It is a historical spooky thriller set in 1919, at a potentially haunted house which has been turned into an asylum for war veterans. Loved it!

watched+ I finished off watching season 3 of First Wives Club (Netflix). It’s a bit over the top sometimes, but I really enjoyed it.

gifted+ One of the hit gifts given over Christmas was this Teepee Tent for Kids to my niece and nephew. They loved “camping” and sleeping in it at night. I received a Tumi Backpack and was blown away by the thoughtfulness of this. My work travel is about 75% for the year so this will be put to good use.

wrote+ I shared my 24 in 2024 List earlier this week. There’s some small easy to do things mixed in with more “wishlist” type items and my goal is to see how many I can accomplish – not to do all the things.

What’s one thing you want to do this year?

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