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Bookmarked 2024 Week 3

10+ links I bookmarked on habits, productivity, self-improvement, movies, music and games.

// habits, productivity & self-improvement

one+ These 100 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Life may seem small, but for me, some of these are easy things to do to bring calm.

two+ 11 Tweaks to Your Daily Routine Will Make Your Day More Productive is an oldie but goodie article. #1 is hard for some – start your day with exercise – so I substitute movement … even just a 10 minute stretching routine puts me in a good mindset for the day.

three+ While I’m not into journaling, if you are, here’s Personal Growth Journal Prompts for an Epic Journaling Experience.

four+ Kottke’s 52 Interesting Things I Learned in 2023 makes me wish I had written down things I learned throughout the year.

five+ In case you want a little structure to making improvements in your life this year, try these 12 Monthly Goals to Build a Life You Love.

six+ Do you use a paper or digital planner … or none? I’m both paper and digital and crave a routine to make sure that I’m using both daily, like these 5 Steps To Creating A Productive Routine In Your Planner.

// music, movies and games

seven+ On the big screen, The Biggest Movies Coming in 2024, and Where to Watch Them, and on tv – 28 Must-See 2024 Movies to Add to Your Watchlist. Who else is looking forward to watching more movies this year?!

eight+ Have you heard DIE FOR 2023 | A Year-End Megamix (Mashup) // by Adamusic yet? Give it a listen if you haven’t!

nine+ If you’re into puzzles, check out 25 puzzles to add to your stash for year-round delight.

ten+ And if you like family games, here’s 15+ Games that are Perfect for Stocking Stuffers.

Have a great week!

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