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One Word for 2024

I go back and forth with myself each year about whether I’m going to choose a “Word of the Year” or not. I don’t remember what it was last year – if I chose one – but this for 2024, I have decided to go for it, because there’s a definite area of focus that I’d like to work on actively.

living room mantle


My word for 2024 is HOME. We bought our current home in September 20222, about 5 months after we moved to Florida. Since then, we’ve furnished it, hosted some parties, and have had people stay over for days and weeks. But since that initial push to get it livable, we haven’t done much – and there’s plenty of projects to do.

In order to keep this word front of mind, I’ve also added home projects to my 24×24 in 2024 list. I don’t plan on doing 24 big projects but there’s a lot of fun small things I can do – like decorate seasonally, hang some artwork, get some storage solutions, declutter the garage … and then there’s a few big projects to tackle.

Do you have a Word of the Year?

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