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One Classic Christmas Movie We Watch Every Year

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and I do all the things including watch Christmas movies both old and new.

One tradition we have with our boys, now young men, is to re-watch The Polar Express every year … one of the best Christmas movies of all time in our humble opinion.

The Polar Express manages to always bring back magic into our home. We bundle up under blankets with hot cocoa, turn down the lights and spend a few hours together feeling that sense of wonder return and remembering our faith in possibilities, and appreciating being together.

Some years we watch it early, some years we re-watch it multiple times in the season and some years we leave it until Christmas Eve and watch it together then. But no matter whether we are together or apart, The Polar Express movie will be forever fondly remembered. It’s hard to believe that it was first released in 2004!

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