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Bookmarked 2024 Week 4

10+ links I bookmarked this week about food, goals, self-love, what to read and watch.

oatmeal apple bowl

// food

one+ My breakfasts are pretty simple and repetitive (which I like) but loving the ideas in 59 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That’ll Keep You From Hitting Snooze.

two+ Have you Tried Jennifer Aniston’s “Delicious” Oatmeal Hack? which is essentially adding egg whites to oatmeal (to get a little more protein in your day) and it works like a charm.

three+ The origins of dry January is in Finland. Who knew?

four+ I love reading grocery diaries at The Kitchn. Most recent was the diary of an Office Manager Living in Iowa.

// self-care & goals

five+ This just makes sense – How to Put More Gentle in Your January. I’m looking at January as a way to get started on the things I want to do – not do them all, not be perfect, but just to start easing into it.

six+ And also this -> Add 1 habit per quarter instead of resolutions (Jesse Itzler Shorts).

// to read & watch

seven+ Here’s Your 2024 Literary Film & TV Preview is a list of upcoming shows based on books.

eight+ I’m doing 2 reading challenges this year – the Monthly Motif and Key Words, but in case you’re looking for a more personal, less structured challenge, here’s 50+ Ideas for Fun Reading Goals.

nine+ Perpetual Page Turner’s Most Anticipated Books For 2024: Adult Fiction Guide has some books that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else.

ten+ How many of the Goodreads Members’ 76 Most Popular Books of the Past Decade have you read? I’ve read about 20 of them, plan to read a few more, but also haven’t ever heard of some of the books on the list.

Have a great week!

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